5 things we would like to see in Pokémon Black & White 2

By on April 12, 2012

Gotta catch em all! Again…

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3. Enough new Pokémon

If there is something that we already had too much of then it’s got to be brand new Pokémon in every single iteration of the franchise. This heavily affected both the quality of ideas and designs of these new creatures and quite frankly fans were heavily disappointed by the new 150 introduced in Pokémon Black/White. The fact of the matter Nintendo is that there doesn’t need to be more Pokémon in this sequel. Sure there might be one or two special Pokémon introduced but we really don’t need another 150 because we already have 650 to pick from. Instead back into the 650 we already have and pick a great collection to be available in the game. This will save a lot of work on the unnecessary inclusion of a new set of brand new Pokémon and time can instead be spent on expanding the world and offering a more robust Pokémon experience.

4. Link in some of the older regions into this new sequel

Remember how awesome it was in Pokémon Silver/Gold/Crystal when you realized that just when you finish Johto that the Kanto region just opened up allowing you to visit all the areas you remember from the original games? Yes, that was quite an amazing thing to experience for the first time and it wouldn’t hurt if Nintendo added some form of connection to other regions in the new sequels. This allows for a much larger world to explore and a highly diversified array of memorable locations to include in the game.

5. Inject more story elements

Many people, like me, were on the fence with the introduction of an actual story line when Pokémon Black/White came out. We were afraid that the having a larger emphasis on story might take away from the formula we all know and love. However to our surprise the addition of the story in Pokémon Black/White was an actually a positive expansion the Pokémon games and was one that made the experience all that more engrossing. So naturally since Black & White 2 are direct sequels then story should feature even more heavily than the previous two games. Nintendo however needs to be careful not to prioritize story over gameplay and exploration as remain to two biggest components of the Pokémon formula.

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  • Khalid.H

     3- why not? i absolutely prefer the current generation of pokemon over any other. in fact, my current team is exclusively from BW. whats wrong with them? the most usual complaint i find is that they look “stupid”. but 1st generation pokemon look  just as stupid.

    4- no. god, please no.

  • http://twitter.com/mauricio_ballen mauricio ballen

    You know what I’d like to see? The complete on screen touch menu from SS/HG. Including the option to run without pressing B. I really felt like coming back to the GBA when I discovered I had to press X to menu and B to run. It was worse when I discovered the Cgear is something I rarely use. We should be able to choose between tose two (the menu and the cgear)

  • Wowhackerraper

    Havent play pokemon since Pokemon platinum

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