5 things we would like to see in Pokémon Black & White 2

By on April 12, 2012

Gotta catch em all! Again…

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The announcement of Pokémon Black & White 2 came as a shocker to most fans of the series. This marks the first time Nintendo moved away from their typical handling of the series and opted for direct sequels for the first time in franchise’s history. There are few new things that could come out because of this decision and here are our top 5 things we would love to see in these brand new sequels.

1. Continued Story

The Pokémon games always started right from the beginning, with you choosing one of three starting Pokémon and then heading off to challenge the world while chasing all 8 GYM badges to complete the game. Since this time around we are getting direct sequels to Black and White it would be awesome to have the story pick off sometime after the events of the first two games. Nintendo can either opt to continue the story of the characters from the first two games or bring in brand new characters set in the same world as the previous ones. Either ways it will be awesome to see a brand new take on the Pokémon formula because of the nature of the two games.

2. The ability to carry over your progress from Pokémon Black/White

It would be quite exciting if players of the previous games were able to carry their progress from Black/White to these brand new sequels. New players who will play the game for the first time can instead start a brand new save with a few events preset from the start. The idea of having the experience you had from Black/White somehow affect the events of the sequel is something that has never been done in Pokémon games before and it would be a fantastic addition to Black/White 2 giving a much more personalized experience to fans of the series.

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  • Khalid.H

     3- why not? i absolutely prefer the current generation of pokemon over any other. in fact, my current team is exclusively from BW. whats wrong with them? the most usual complaint i find is that they look “stupid”. but 1st generation pokemon look  just as stupid.

    4- no. god, please no.

  • http://twitter.com/mauricio_ballen mauricio ballen

    You know what I’d like to see? The complete on screen touch menu from SS/HG. Including the option to run without pressing B. I really felt like coming back to the GBA when I discovered I had to press X to menu and B to run. It was worse when I discovered the Cgear is something I rarely use. We should be able to choose between tose two (the menu and the cgear)

  • Wowhackerraper

    Havent play pokemon since Pokemon platinum

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