Street Fighter X Tekken Vita cross-platform play confirmed

By on April 11, 2012

Fight a PS3 brother on the go.

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After the Captivate event, Capcom sent over countless of pressers one of them confirmed that Street Fighter X Tekken on PlayStation Vita will support cross-platform, allowing for fighting between the portable version and its home console brethren on PlayStation 3.

Another particular info from the Vita version confirms that the critically acclaimed title will support online play either using Wi-Fi or 3G. It’s an advantage for 3G owners of the console; hence they’ll finally be able to harness the prowess of mobile connectivity and beat the hell out of human-controlled folks on the go without having to seek for a Wi-Fi vent.

Capcom did also mention that Street Fighter X Tekken will make use of the handheld’s touch controls capabilities. The portable version has yet to receive a solid release date, but it’s expected to launch later this year. In the meantime, watch an eight-minute footage below.


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