Mass Effect 3 ‘Resurgence Pack’ is free, so don’t buy it on Xbox

By on April 11, 2012

Xbox 360 version has a price tag on it but that’s an error.

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BioWare has issued a warning for Xbox 360 players looking to download the new ‘Resurgence Pack’ for Mass Effect 3: don’t.

“Please DO NOT purchase the 320 pt. ‘Resurgence Pack’ consumable on XBL dash. This was erroneously uploaded & we are working to take it down!”

The ‘Resurgence Pack’ is free and is available for all platforms. The new multiplayer pack includes two new maps (Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra), three new weapons (Striker Assasult Rifle, Geth Plasma SMG, and Kishock Harpoon Gun), and six new characters (Geth Infiltrator, Batarian Sentinel, Krogan Battlemaster, Batarian Soldier, Geth Engineer, and Asari Justicar Adept). There’s a trailer for it:


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