Top 9 Fan-Made Skyrim Videos

By on April 10, 2012

It was actually going to be top five but then it took an arrow…

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The true success of a video game can be measured by the number of times it has been featured on Reddit.

Oh wait, that’s not right. Okay, let’s try this again: The true success of a video game can be measured by the number fan-made shorts, parodies and covers it has inspired, which eventually gets featured on Reddit. Yup, that sounds about right.

Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one such example. The RPG reached a level of popularity unmatched by any game last year. It even gave the Internet a new meme involving arrows and knees.

Below is a list not of those, thankfully, but of some of the funniest, creative, and outrageous fan-made movies based upon and inspired by the fus-ro’s and the hoo-haaiia’s of Skyrim.

Morrowind and Skyrim Theme Piano Violin
While it loads: Pianist Lara6683 (left) and violinist ViolinTay (right) tunes up a superlative mix of the theme songs from Morrowind and Skyrim. The piece starts with Morrowind and cleanly seeps into Skyrim as if it were part of the same song. The tune is beautifully soulful and brings the majestic and epic feel of the two games quite well.

The Dragonborn Comes
While it loads: With 6 million views on YouTube so far, there’s a good chance you have already seen this. Here’s an excuse to watch it again. Malukah takes Jeremy Soule’s ‘The Dragonborn Comes’ to an altogether different level with a haunting rendition that will leave you spellbound for the entire two mins of it. It’s so good, in fact, that she would totally get accepted in the Bard’s College.

Skyrim Epic Rap
While it loads: Dan Bull puts together a rap on Skyrim we wish it would play whenever we would face a dragon in the game. It talks of a Dragonborn who wears a hat with badass horns, and who scoffs at the thought of you being a better warrior than him with a dragon shout that’s sweeter than sodastream.

How I Play Skyrim
While it loads: Michael Shanks has played a lot of Skyrim. Because only those that have trudged for hundreds of hours in Skyrim can truly understand the “unrelentingly, unforgiving, uninterruptedly epic experience” that the RPG is. The butterfly in the end is just…true.

The Best Skyrim Fan Film
While it loads: It’s not easy to make a Skyrim film. Especially when you want to make it the “best skyrim” film there is. There is the production to be taken care of, the direction, the location, the costumes, the epic-sounding dialogues, the glitches, invisible men, crashes, poor frame-rates, flying NPCs, and all that. It’s hard business.

Skyrim: Dragon Hunt
While it loads: Don’t mind the inconsistencies in this video – like the crossbow and the armor – Tim Antos’ short film came out a good months before Skyrim. Despite that, Antos manages to capture the feel of the ‘dragon hunt’ quite well, and unlike many fan made short, this boasts pretty decent production values.

Skyrim: The Arrival
While it loads: Here’s another fan-made movie with good production values. Skyrim: The Arrival is shot in first-person and tells the story of a dragonborn who “follows a dragon called RuneRax to earth encountering many friends and foes to discover a string of conspiracies surrounding Oblivion and the new realm, earth.”

Skyrim 2012
While it loads: How would Skyrim be in 2012? It would still have people using the ‘bucket on the head’ trick to steal things, apparently.

While it loads: Lindsay Sterling’s and Peter Hollens’ Skyrim video is goofy but they make amends with an enthralling rendition of ‘Dovahkiin’. The back track is made up entirely of 114 tracks of Hollen’s voice, which is 113 more than the voices I can sing in.


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