BenQ launches XL2420T gaming monitor in the UAE

By on April 8, 2012

Anticipated LED monitor to be available from next week.

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Many readers have been asking us about the availability of the BenQ XL2420T in the region, and today we finally have the answer.

BenQ’s new flagship gaming monitor will release next week across all retail stores in the UAE. The slightly upgraded TX model will also be available, however it will release a bit later. BenQ has launched the monitor with local netcafe Golden Hall for now, who are currently prepping their game zone with new hardware and more stations.

BenQ has once again employed e-Sports champions Heat and SpawN, along with Team CS to collaborate and “blend their spirit” into the new gaming monitor. In addition to the now requisite 120Hz refresh rate, 3D support, and 2ms response time, the XL2420T has a number of new features over its predecessor, the XL2410. Below are the details:

Black eQualizer:
It let’s you see in the dark. The Black eQualizer automatically manages the brightness and contrast of the image to give better visibility in dark areas. This should help against campers in games like Counter Strike who take advantage of the dark areas to score a kill.

Game Mode
Do not mistake this with the Game Mode available in televisions. Game Mode allows users to  set custom monitor settings for different uses (like movies, gaming, text). It also includes a Game Mode Loader where players can download preset settings used by pro-players and the likes. Users can download these presets from

Smart Scaling
The popular feature is back with the XL2420T, as well. Smart scaling allows users to quickly scale the resolution from 24″ to 19″ or 17″, etc.  This feature is mainly used by pro-players, who prefer lower resolutions to perform better (years of gaming does that to you).

Smart Switch
Another addition to the XL2420T is the smart switch device, which provides quick access to settings like Game Mode, Smart Scaling, and even brightness and contrast with the built-in scroll wheel. The switch can be integrated on either side of the base.

Touch-based OSD controls
The XL2420T uses touch-based buttons to control the on-screen display. BenQ promises it to be intuitive and requiring less visual distance between key and the screen.

Height Adjustment
The monitor can be adjusted as low as the base level, which is something we have not seen in other monitors. The monitor allows upto 130mm of height adjustments, and swivel of about 35 degrees.

Headphone hanger
Just because they can.

The BenQ XL2420T will be available for appox. AED 2000. The ‘TX’ model, which comes with the NVIDIA 3D IR embedded and a 3D glass kit, will cost approx. AED 2800.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • Kn1ghtm0d3

    I have been waiting for this for 5 months!!

  • Tttt

    I have been waiting for this and until now i can’t find it at any local distributor or retailer in UAE

    • Kn1ghtm0d3

       This is just sad. I din’t search for it because I was collecting money. But if its still not available after one month, its just sad.

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