Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC summons Gilgamesh to Coliseum Arena

By on April 6, 2012

Showing up with his four swords, machine guns and rocket launcher.

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Another popular monster from the Final Fantasy universe will be joining the Coliseum Arena in Final Fantasy XIII-2. This follows due Typhon & Ultros’ entrance to the arena.

Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu revealed the bit of news, stating that fans can expect Gilgamesh as the next download in the Coliseum Arena. The DLC is priced at 480 MS Points ($4) – April 10 is the release date.

Gilgamesh, the boss who originally comes from Final Fantasy V, looks to be bringing some of his nifty tricks from Dissidia 012, too. He has plenty of hands – that means more stuff to hold; his arsenal consists of a rocket launcher, machine guns and four swords. Much envy!


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