Mass Effect’s FemShep hasn’t recorded anything new yet

By on April 5, 2012

Jennifer Hale says she is yet to be contacted by BioWare.

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BioWare has promised to change Mass Effect 3′s ending, and you would expect them to go chop-chop on the production by now. However, it doesn’t seem they have reached far enough, or at least to the voiceovers bit, anyway.

Speaking to Edge, Jennifer Hale, the voice of the Female Shepard, said that she hasn’t recorded anything new yet. In fact, she hasn’t even been approached by BioWare to perform new voice works.

Of course, this doesn’t mean much. Production takes time, especially considering the type of content BioWare are now required to output. As Hale puts it:

“I have mixed feelings about [the prospect of a new ending],” she said. “I really respect the team and what they did and how hard they worked. And endings are hard! They’re cutting new ground; the players are so involved in this game that to come up with an ending to something everyone’s got their hand in is a huge challenge.

“So maybe it’s going to take a little work to get everything sorted in a way that’s going to make everybody happy.”


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