5 things that make Far Cry 3 Multiplayer awesome

By on April 5, 2012

The definition of insane-ly fun to play.

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Classes and Combat

Far Cry 3 pretty much does away with standard classes as you can choose your own weapons and create your own class. There are no medics in the game as all team members have the ability to heal each other. Not happy with the class of player you’ve chosen, you can choose another and you will switch once you respawn.

A range of weapons are available in the game from short range weapons such as shotguns to far range weapons such as sniper rifles. You also have access to health kits, kevlars, grenades and proximity mines. Proximity mines are great if you want to snipe and don’t want to worry about enemies sneaking up on you.

The action button will let you glide through the zipline.

To help with combat you also have the ability to run, crouch, jump, slide (makes for some very cool moves — think run, slide and shotgun) and action buttons. The action button can be used to perform rope glides and other moves that involve interaction with objects. You can also use your knife for melee combat which results in some incredibly satisfying kills.

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