Asphalt: Injection Review

By on April 4, 2012

A formulaic arcade-racer that doesn’t attempt to chase boundaries.

Good: Plenty of content to play through; does a good job of providing your racing game fix; Multiplayer is plenty fun when it works.
Bad: Lack of any major changes in the formula; Horrible Physics engine; Poor environmental details and low texture quality; getting a game online takes quite a lengthy time.
Price: AED
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The Asphalt franchise has become wide spread over the span of several recent years. Whether it’s on iOS , Android, PSP or 3DS, you know you have come across the Asphalt franchise one way or another. The arcade-style racing game created by Gameloft was popularized on iOS and later ported to a wide variety of mobile devices. The PS Vita launched on the 22nd of February and with it an Asphalt game was bound to be out for the system. Asphalt: Injection on the PS Vita is a port that does very little to differentiate itself from other racing games in the market but still does a decent job of fulfilling your racing game fix.

As with previous games in the series, the Asphalt: Injection puts you directly on the racing tracks without any unnecessary setting or storyline. The game has several modes available which includes both single player and multiplayer components. The main single player mode in the game is the career mode which has you playing through a variety of races to expand your car collection and win trophies all around the world. The career mode is quite lengthy in size and does do a good job of giving you a variety of race types and places to try out. If you grow tired of playing the career mode then you can also play the free race mode which gives you the freedom of picking your choice of the car, track, and race type to play.

Asphalt: Injection plays exactly like every other Asphalt iteration out there. There are no noticeable changes in the gameplay as it remains the arcade-style over the top racing game it always was. This version on the PS Vita runs smoothly at 60 frames per second without any slowdowns or technical issues. The game’s physics engine remains to be problematic however as car crashes happen with the slightest touch to other vehicles on the road. This can lead to frustrating times as you can easily lose a race due to broken AI and a horrible physics engine. The gameplay overall however does work relatively well and delivers the fast-paced racing action that you would expect from an arcade-style racing game.

In terms of car selection, Asphalt: Injection this time around boasts over 40 licensed cars being available in the game. The diversity of the cars available has definitely improved from previous iterations in the series but is nowhere as expansive as other similar franchises. Car customization and enhancement is also brought in the game and while this does improve it’s still far from being anything as deep as customizations found in games such as the Need for Speed Underground series. You unlock these customizations by collecting trophies in the career mode and the upgrades vary from mere aesthetic changes to ones that affect the car’s actual performance.

Multiplayer in Asphalt: Injection is available both as local ad-hoc multiplayer and online multiplayer. While ad-hoc multiplayer works pretty well it’s the online part where it gets tricky. If you manage to get into a race with someone then the game runs surprisingly well with little to no slowdown or latency. The IF here is extremely important as there are very few racers online making it very hard to get a game going on.

Asphalt: Injection on the PS Vita is a decent attempt to provide a good arcade-style racing experience but lacks any unique selling points to differentiate itself from other similar games in the market. What it does however is offer you a quick way to get your racing game fix on the go. If you can’t wait to get your hands on an arcade-style racing game for your PS Vita then Asphalt: Injection might be the game for you. If however, you are looking for a more polished and exciting racing experience then you should probably pass on this one.


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