Funcom believes WiiU could break the barrier for MMORPGs on consoles

By on April 4, 2012

Touch screen is where the game is.

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Funcom lead designer Joel Bylos believes WiiU’s unique tablet controller could finally break the barrier of bringing MMORPGs to consoles.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Bylos pondered on ideas on how the touch screen could be put to use, giving an example of the hotbars that could be implemented for easy access.

“Wii U could be the first real console on which running an MMORPG without compromise is plausible,” said Bylos. “The controller is perfect for lining up those rows of hotbars that are essential in most MMOs. A customisable touchscreen interface combined with the 3D spatial movement of a console controller could be a winner.”

Funcom is currently working on an MMORPG called Secret World.


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