Rumor: PlayStation 4 planned for launch ahead of next Xbox

By on April 3, 2012

Developers reportedly receiving invites for events in the US in May and June.

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Next-gen rumors; here’s another one. Sony apparently wants to make sure its next-generation PlayStation launches before Microsoft’s new Xbox, sources have told VG247.

The website is reporting that technical specs and design plans for PlayStation 3’s successor were set two years ago, with Sony being in complete belief that “they have the jump on Microsoft this time.”

“You should be watching the timing of next year’s E3 keynotes, and who’s going to go first,” the source added.

“Top line publishers already know about it,” said the source. “Developers working with publishers – like Ubisoft, for example – already know what’s going on. They’re already working on it.”

Developers who aren’t acquainted with the PS4 yet are believed to be briefed by the end of this year, and some will supposedly be invited to special events in the US in May and June.

This comes short after an earlier report which suggested that the next Xbox will launch in Holiday 2013.


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