Bungie waves goodbye to Halo Stats with a lot of stats

By on April 2, 2012

Players could have traveled across the Milky Way and back in the time they played Halo online.

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Bungie announced that it will no longer feature Halo statistics on its official website, Bungie.net. This marks the final closure for the developer, who has now transferred all data and services for the game to Microsoft and 343 Industries.

As parting gift to its players, Bungie released an enormous info-graph featuring statistics on how Halo was played since the data service’s debut eight years ago.

“We have followed your careers with great interest here on Bungie.net, and you have gifted us a mountain of heroic moments to memorialize. It is with a sense of awe that we step back and admire the impact that you have had on our games, and upon our studio. Thanks for sharing your stories with us,” Bungie  said in farewell post.

You can find the info-graph below:


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