Kickstarter: Double Fine campaign has had “blockbuster effects”

By on April 1, 2012

Double Fine’s successful campaign brought in 60,000 new users to the crowd funding website.

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In a blog post, crowd funding website Kickstarter has outlined the effect Double Fine’s adventure game project has had on its growth.

The most telling statistic is the number of pledges the site received – in the video game category, the site averaged 629 pledges per week. After Double Fine’s campaign, the number increased to 9,755 pledges per week, excluding pledges to Double Fine itself.

“Double Fine brought a lot of new people — more than 60,000 first-time backers — to the site,” Kickstarter said. “Did that activity extend to other Video Games projects? To measure this, we calculated the average number of pledges per week to projects in the Video Games category before and after the launch of Double Fine. The dotted line marks Double Fine’s launch; pledges to Double Fine itself are excluded.”

The effect has been similar monetary wise, as well:

  • $1,776,372 was pledged to the Video Games category in Kickstarter’s first two years. In the six weeks after Double Fine, $2,890,704 was pledged ($6,227,075 counting Double Fine).
  • Before Double Fine, one video game project had exceeded $100,000. Now, nine have.
  • Wasteland 2, a million-dollar game project that launched after Double Fine, has received nearly $400,000 in pledges from Double Fine’s first-time backers.


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