Silent Hill original designer disappointed in Silent Hill HD Collection

By on March 28, 2012

A comparison image between the original and remastered versions speaks the whole story

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When the designer of the original Silent Hill games voices an opinion expressing disappointment regarding a supposed HD revamp of two masterpieces, then you’d know there’s something wrong in there.

Masahiro Iro was recently shown a screenshot that compares the old and new games on Twitter, and you can clearly tell the man wasn’t impressed. “Left side is HD, isn’t it? It’s poor,” he stated. Iro had no knowledge that the HD collection was already available in stores, being in disbelief that the footage was from the final product. “It’s really a released version? Really?” When he realized that it was actually from the retail version, his response was a priceless “OMG!!!!”

It is the fog that helped build the immersive atmosphere in Silent Hill 2. Now it’s gone (see below).

Konami lately has been undergoing massive flak from its community for the dreadful condition of the updated Silent Hill games, which reportedly have sunk by graphical glitches and technical issues.


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