Ex-BioWare employee leaks info on Mass Effect 3′s post-ending DLC [UPDATE]

By on March 26, 2012

And a new game called Mass Shift.

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Update: This has been confirmed to be “false” by the official Mass Effect twitter account. When asked about the authenticity of the information, BioWare replied with a simple, “This is false”.

Original story: It’s a good day to be an ex-employee, apparently. After a disgruntled Rockstar employee saw fit to leak information pertaining to GTA V to ‘get back’ at the company, an ex-BioWare employee has done something pretty similar today, as well.

In his rather lengthy post at 4Chan, the ex-employee, apparently a lighting technician, first spoke of Electronic Arts and how they are “stifling” the creative processes at BioWare. He pleaded at fans to not be angry with BioWare, who he believes still love making games and love its fans, and has requested to “speak with your money” as it’s only language “EA Games” understand.

Further on, the technician details what he is calling the ‘Terminator DLC’. This is the post-ending DLC fans have been demanding, and according to him, has been in production for months.

Here’s an excerpt from his post about the DLC:
“Javik [bonus character from the 'From Ashes DLC] was originally from Terminator, but they bumped him up because they felt that ME3′s cast was too small. Terminator is about the part crash landing on a Prothean planet on the edge of Sol, and then they have to figure out a way to make contact with the rest of the system and get off the planet.”

He reveals that Shepard is alive, but “badly injured and in a coma”. Some of Shepard’s synthetic parts “could be replaced with new ones”, with some “valid components” found inside EDI, which must be extracted. Shepard then “finally awakens” and he must now end the Sol War. “After that, you get a unique cutscene based on who you did or did not romance in ME3.”

Additionally, the technician also detailed a new title called Mass Shift. The game will be more action-oriented but story-based. It will feature “the same universe, characters and story” with more tactical combat, “but with less cover”.

Here’s an excerpt from his post about Mass Shift:
“Mass Shift is not Mass Effect 4. Mass Shift will involve the same universe, characters, and story, but it will be more action-oriented. Space flight, for example, will be as intricate as ME3′s combat. In Mass Shift, you will actively fly Murmur, a Reaper that is controlled by Catalyst. Storyboards have not been drawn up for exactly how this will work yet, but when we came up with the initial concept, we were comparing flight to “Gradius III and Kingdom Hearts 2″, and the relationship between the Catalyst and Murmur was compared to the oen between the boy and the monster in “The Last Guardian”.

There’s a lot more information that you can read it here. While the information is extremely detailed and concise, it should not be ignored that there is no confirmation if this 4Chan user is indeed an ex-BioWare employee. Take this as rumor for now.

Thanks, Reddit.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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