Dark Souls on PC looks very likely

By on March 21, 2012

Magazine page teaser hints at PC port.

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Remember how a while back a petition popped up on the internet to get Namco to relase a PC Port of Dark Souls? And remember Namco forum admin said it caught Namco’s attention? Well it looks like we might finally bear the fruits of the petition, as it looks like Dark Souls might very well come to PC.

Neogaf users have spotted a teaser of sorts in the Australian PC gaming magazine “PC Powerplay”. The teaser is a black page with nothing but the words “You Died”, a well known ‘catchphrase’ from Dark Souls.

To further add fuel to the fire, Namco has started a Facebook app that promises to reveal a secret once it gets enough likes. So looks like the announcement will come pretty soon, before Namco’s press event next month.

So far though, nothing has been confirmed.

PC gamers, time to practice your ragequit skills.

Thanks, VG247.


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