Epic: Next-gen consoles “must deliver maximum computing power”

By on March 21, 2012

Epic’s Tim Sweeney wants from Microsoft and Sony to raise the bar.

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Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney wants the most out of the third Xbox and the PlayStation 4, saying that the next consoles must deliver a huge leap in terms of computing power in order to keep pace with the challenges of a rapidly growing industry.

Sweeney doesn’t see the point of new consoles if they already are outdated on launch. He also believes that whatever comes from the leading console giants must really be revolutionary in order to compete in the future.

Speaking to Games Industry International, Sweeney said the next-generation of consoles have to “deliver the maximum amount of computing power that is economically possible. Really, that’s the reason consoles exist in the future.”

“They have an enormous amount of graphics processing power that delivers an experience that goes far beyond what you can get on a lighter weight device.”

“Pushing forward, we measure that performance in teraflops, trillions of floating point operations per second. When I started programming, you had about one thousand floating point operations per second.”

“Now we have, on nVidia’s fastest hardware, two and a half to three teraflops. To push next-generation up to those levels will really ensure that they will remain relevant for another generation, even as other cool consumer devices like iPads and iPhones become more prevalent.”

Do you agree with Epic’s man? Should the new consoles be that revolutionary; and thus, pack a dramatic leap in terms of raw power to keep leading the gaming industry? What do you think?


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