Rayman Origins for 3DS European release date pushed back

By on March 20, 2012

Developer needs the extra time to “fine-tune a few details” in portable Nintendo version.

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Portable 3D version of Rayman Origins is no longer releasing on its initially scheduled European release window, Ubisoft has confirmed.

The colorful platformer was originally due for release this month, now it won’t make it to stores until summer – specifically on June 8. The game, however, is still on track for its late March launch in the US although that could change at any moment, as the publisher did issue a comment regarding the delay, stating that the additional months will give them the proper time to polish the 3DS iteration and ensure it reaches the platform at its finest state.

“Sorry, we know many of you are eagerly waiting for it, but we really want you to love the game as much on 3DS as you did on Vita and on other consoles,” the developer added.


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