Star Wars: The Old Republic free this weekend

By on March 14, 2012

MMORPG goes free-to-play for a short period.

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BioWare is inviting folks who have never played Star Wars: The Old Republic to get a taste of the MMORPG this weekend. The game will be available for trial starting Thursday, March 15, with the free period ending on Monday, March 19.

Unfortunately, things don’t look good if you’re stuck with a slow internet, as there won’t be an option to pre-load the game ahead of it entering the free stage; that’s a shame given that it’s a substantially enormous game.

Well, found yourself hooked? Obviously, you must pay to keep wandering space; and BioWare says your character and progress will be stored to your trial account in case you decided to subscribe.

BioWare notes, however, that the free trial will restrict your character from exceeding level 15.


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