Valve plans to add a “healthy list” of new features to Steam app

By on March 13, 2012

There will be a Half Life 3 section with nothing in it. Just kidding.

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Valve has a “healthy list” of things it wants to add to its shiny new Steam app. The app, which is available on iOS and Android, presently only allows chatting and making purchases.

“We’d love to see individual games hook into the service and provide mobile optimized web pages and experiences that we can link to from the game description pages. In general, we have a healthy list and expect it to grow, with new opportunities presenting themselves as the list becomes more robust,” said Valve engineer Kutta Srinivasan to Gamasutra.

The app will also be used as an authentication tool, bringing the fun type-random-numbers-and-letters-to-login to your smartphone.

“In an upcoming [update], the Steam app will be able to act as a two-factor authentication device to bolster the security on your primary Steam account,” Srinivasan said.

“If your phone is lost or stolen, simply changing the password on your account will invalidate the tokens used by the application to access Steam.”

The chat function will be bolstered as well, as it does “several million messages” every day. Valve is looking at it with the hopes to cart the platform forward into markets unexplored.

“Phase one was just about getting existing customers connected when they’re away from their computers. As we discover the ways they interact with what we’ve provided, we expect to learn more about how to make it more universal,” Srinivasan said.


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