Mass Effect 3 Review

By on March 12, 2012

A fantastic conclusion to the epic sci-fi trilogy

Good: Refined combat with upgraded Melee and weapon customization; Highly emotional and engaging story; Great voice acting along with an impressive musical score; A Fantastic Multiplayer experience that complements Single-Player well.
Bad: Texture pop-ins and several in game glitches and bugs; Frame-rate drops at times.
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Mass Effect 3 introduces several changes and additions that improve upon the already solid combat of its predecessor. New additions to the series include the ability to both upgrade and customize weapons you get throughout the game. The amount of weapons and upgrades are not as drastic or abundant as the first Mass Effect but do a great job in giving you the choice to change the weapon to your own liking. Melee has also received a large improvement as it’s now more powerful and is much more useful to use in combat. The overall speed and flow of combat has also been adjusted to be more faster and fluid allowing Shepard to navigate through terrain and cover in a much better fashion.

One of the concerns coming into Mass Effect 3 was the fact that the game will include a Multiplayer component for the first time in the series. Being the single-player experience that Mass Effect is, many people were worried that multiplayer will take away from the level of polish that is usually associated with Bioware titles. Let your worries go to rest however, as the multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 complements the single-player rather than competing with it.

Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3 is available in the form of four player online co-op. There are six maps available in multiplayer which are all based on the N7 missions from the single-player portion of the game.  There are a variety of enemy types available to face and the level of difficulty can be adjusted accordingly. The multiplayer mode is similar to horde mode found in other cover based shooters but it mixes in different objectives that need to be achieved to complete the level. I found the multiplayer to be really fun to play and playing it was usually a smooth and lag-free experience. In addition, playing the multiplayer portion will increase the effectiveness of the War Assets you collect in the single-player portion giving you all that more reason to get busting.

With all the good the Mass Effect 3 has to offer there are some issues that hinder the game from being called an outright masterpiece. There are several bugs and glitches that can happen throughout the game. These include characters glitching into terrain, uncommon quest bugs, and character animation issues. Another issue that plagues the game is frame-rate drops during action packed scenes, especially on the PS3 (Editor’s note: The game runs pretty well on a moderately high-end PC. There are no pop-in or frame rate issues, and the load times are near instantaneous) . While these problems do exist they are not abundant and do not ruin the experience by any means.

Mass Effect 3 is certainly one of the most emotional and engaging games that I have ever played. This mostly comes from Bioware’s brilliance in creating a world based around the decisions and actions you, as a player, commit and then watch their consequences unfold before you. You owe it to yourself to play Mass Effect 3 as it’s the perfect combination of what a game is supposed to offer. With top notch voice acting, engaging gameplay, and an engrossing, epic story, Mass Effect 3 brings the bar set by Mass Effect 2 to all new heights.

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