FIFA Interactive World Cup Finals coverage

By on March 11, 2012

A dramatic end to a grueling qualifier.

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Tensions were high this weekend over at Playnation at Mirdiff City Centre in Dubai, where FIFA enthusiasts had gathered to witness the finals of the FIFA Interactive World Cup being held by Sony Playstation. Six finalists from the region had assembled to show their football prowess, and were ready to showcase their skills to their fans.

After a few friendly warm-up matches, we were treated to some amazing football free-styling by Bilal Bairakdar, who whipped a football around like it was beyond the control of gravity. But after his dazzling performance the real games began, and the contestants were pitted against each other in short matches. One by one the challengers racked up the points on the scoreboards until only two finalists remained – Majid Salim from KSA and Abdulrahman Almannay from Bahrain had the crowd reeling in excitement as each goal was scored.

But in the end there can be only one winner, and Majid Salim emerged victorious to much jubilation from his friends and the assembled crowd. We caught up with Majid for a quick interview before he was whisked away for his celebrations:

Can you please tell us your name and age?
My name is Majed Salem, and I am 24 years old

Is this your first FIFA tournament? Why did you decide to take part in the FIWC?
This is not the first time I participated in a FIFA tournament. I participated in more than one competition, including the Saudi Arabia championship which I won twice. I have also received the top scorer in the Middle East award once. But this is the first time I won the Middle East championship, and it was very exciting to take part in it.

How were you feeling before the final match?
As you know before the final match a person would be a little nervous. But after the match started, I just relaxed and played the best I could.

How do you feel now that you’ve won the tournament?
I am very happy, and my brother is with me to celebrate my victory.

What is your favorite team on the field and in-game?
My favorite team on the field is Inter Milan, and in game it is Real Madrid

What advice do you have for those who want to play FIFA on a championship level?
In the beginning, don’t choose the strong teams. A person has to practice with the weaker teams at first, and once he sees himself improving, he can choose one of the strong teams such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. If a person starts with a strong team right away, his skills won’t improve.

And finally, how do you think your performance will be in the final match?
I hope to do as well as I did today – wish me luck!

Check out the full gallery of photos here.


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