CD Projekt is done with using DRM

By on March 11, 2012

“DRM does not protect your game.”

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Wise words were spoken during CD Projekt’s GDC panel last week. CEO Marcin Iwinski, who just might become the honest video gamer’s hero, said that the company will never ever use DRM. Ever.

Publisher: "Here's an idea, let's use DRM!". CD Projekt: "Hahahaha, yeah! No."

“Every subsequent game we will never use any DRM anymore, it’s just over-complicating things… DRM does not protect your game. If there are examples that it does, then people maybe should consider it, but then there are complications with legit users.”

“We release the game. It’s cracked in two hours, it was no time for Witcher 2. What really surprised me is that the pirates didn’t use the GOG version, which was not protected. They took the SecuROM retail version, cracked it and said ‘we cracked it’ — meanwhile there’s a non-secure version with a simultaneous release. You’d think the GOG version would be the one floating around.”

True this. Legal buyers have always faced the brunt with DRM, finding themselves locked away from accessing their game due to a reason specifically crafted to shunt them in the face for actually daring to buy the product. Pirates? They could just download a crack and avoid all of the nonsense.

Here’s hoping other developers come around to this magnificent idea.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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