Deus Ex: HR gameplay director apologizes for game’s bosses

By on March 9, 2012

“We should have put more effort into them”

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Francois Lapikas, gameplay director of last year’s shooter-RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution, has expressed regrets regarding the design decisions associated with the game’s boss battles. “[The boss fights] were a big part of the game, and we should have put more effort into them. I’m truly sorry about that. Next time we’re gonna think about it more,” Lapikas said.

Eidos Montreal developers have already admitted that they weren’t satisfied with the boss fights, although that was probably the first time they had the chance to go in-depth about the subject and explain what precisely lacked in that part of the game.

According to the director, the boss encounters were depicted as a “thing to break up the pacing more than a way to test the player’s skill”, suggesting the team thought the availability of various weapons and ammo throughout boss battle levels would lessen the difficulty of it.

Despite the ridiculous boss fights which had plagued the game, the Square Enix-published title was received pretty well among critics and players alike. Hopefully this piece of news means Eidos will be able to perfect whatever Deus Ex they plan to dish out in the future.


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