Retailer lists Grand Theft Auto for PS Vita [UPDATE]

By on March 9, 2012

UK retailer leaks new GTA titled Vice City Nights.

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Update: This has been confirmed to be fake. A 4chan user fabricated an entire page from which was picked up by most gaming websites as a potential ‘leak’. has clarified that it was not genuine.

“ would like to clarify details of yesterday’s alleged leak of four new Vita titles. Unfortunately, the screenshots with references to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights, Tales Of Innocence R and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, posted on a games forum were not genuine pages and were fabricated.”

Original story: Although not revealed yet, online retailer has added a listing for a new Grand Theft Auto. And no, this isn’t GTA V, but a product page that suggests Rockstar’s flagship open-world franchise might make its debut onto Sony’s new portable console the PS Vita, under the tagline Vice City Nights.

It has been, however, pulled down from the site – which is pretty much expected with these kinds of leaks. Aside from the listing purportedly claiming the new GTA is inbound to the PS Vita, the retailer attached a $49.99 price tag. No other details were mentioned.

According to the photo on GTAForums, another batch of unannounced Vita titles have also leaked, including the much rumored Monster Hunter 3 in addition to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Tales of Innocence R.

Seeing how the PSP already seen three Grand Theft Auto games – Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories and Chinatown Wars, seems that a PlayStation Vita release of Rockstar’s prime franchise doesn’t seem far off of a certainty. But the question remains whether it’s a fully-fledged GTA made specifically for the Vita or just a port of a spin-off title.


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