Super Stardust Delta Review

By on March 7, 2012

Twin-stick shooting at its best.

Good: Enhanced gameplay elements catered to the PS Vita; Soundtrack has a set of fine tunes; Visuals are beautifully vibrant and colorful.
Bad: Mini-games are a mixed batch.
Price: AED
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Super Stardust HD on the PlayStation Network is one of the best twin-stick shooter experiences out there. The game was filled with highly addictive gameplay, an amazing soundtrack, and great visuals which makes for a quite an engaging experience. Super Stardust Delta is a brand new entry in the series specifically catered to the PS Vita. It provides new elements to players by adding new in game mechanics as well as using the PS Vita’s different control methods. The result is a fantastic game that perfectly suits PS Vita by offering one of the best twin-stick shooter experiences on the go.

If you played Super Stardust HD before then you will feel right at home with Delta. Super Stardust Delta plays out similarly to Super Stardust HD but with a few gameplay changes. The game is a twin-stick shooter that has you navigating a spaceship around a planet’s orbit by dogging incoming enemies and breaking down incoming masses from space. The more you break and destroy, the higher your score is going to be. The game offers two different weapons, ice and fire, that can each be used effectively in different situations. For example if you are trying to destroy smaller enemies then the fire weapon would be more suitable for that situation. These weapons can be enhanced by picking up various upgrades floating around as you destroy various objects on orbit.

Super Stardust Delta introduces a few additions to the Stardust formula mainly in the form of black holes and missiles. Black holes and missiles are replacements for bombs found in Super Stardust HD and are executed by touch the back or front touch respectively. Boosting has also been adjusted to give a slow down when activated so that you can plan out the path you want to boost to more easily. These additions are great in refining the experience to another level but understandably some people would just prefer the play Stardust the original way. Thankfully Housemarque, the developers of the game, has included the ability to play the classic Stardust formula without all the changes done in the normal mode of the game.

In addition to the main Arcade and Planet select modes, Super Stardust Delta has a selection of mini-games based on both the motion and touch abilities of the PS Vita. These mini-games are not available from the start and must be unlocked by completing the five stages of arcade mode. There are in total five mini-games and they all have their own leaderboards to compare scores with your friends and players around the globe. The mini-games can be a fun way to pass time and deviation from the main game but are a mixed-bag in terms of quality.

Super Stardust Delta is the perfect game to play on a portable device. It’s highly engaging and can be enjoyed in small bursts wherever you are looking for your twin-stick shooter fix. Competing for higher leaderboards ranks against your friends and people around the world will keep you coming back time after time. If you are picking up a PS Vita or have already picked one up then getting Super Stardust Delta is a no brainier.


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