Interview with Majid Al Sharqi, the Middle East Champion of Soulcalibur V

By on March 6, 2012

Interview with the champion of the first official SoulCalibur V tournament in the Middle East.

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Up to 24 challengers battled for the crown of the ‘SoulCalibur V Middle East Champion’, a tournament held by Gameplay Entertainment at our quarterly GamesFest event last month. After numerous hours of button smashing, sweat-induced close fights and hair-pulling frustration, Majid Abdullah finally emerged victorious. He shares his experience on our little chat below.

What’s your handle in SoulCalibur V?

My Name is Majid Abdullah Al Sarqi & my nickname is LordSoul.

Why did you participle in this tournament?

Because I’m a big fan of SoulCalibur series & we don’t have big community like Street Fighter and Tekken for SoulCalibur. Also, I wanted to try out my skills against the other players in the tournament.

Who is your favorite character in SoulCalibur Series ?

Nightmare, because the series have different kinds of styles and combos, so it’s important to master a character which can do heavy damage and pull off great combos.

What’s your Motto ?
I want to be like famous like Omagader of  Soulcalibur, and Daigo of Street Fighter .

What was your first game of SoulCalibur series?

It was Soul Edge on PS One.

What is your favorite game of the series? And why?

SoulCalibur IV, because it had new and exciting controls, challenging experience and great characters more than the previous releases of SoulCalibur series.

What’s your recommendation for the players in the Middle East?

I would like to ask them to try out the game and practice on it so that we can have more professional players and build up a community for SoulCalibur series in the Middle East.


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