Patent shows Valve’s controller for Steam Box

By on March 5, 2012

The controller will feature interchangeable parts, will have biometric feedback.

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A patent uncovered by Kotaku shows a controller concept in development at Valve. Naturally, this is rumored to be the controller that will ship with the proposed Steam Box.

While The Verge’s original report speaks of biometric feedback fitted inside the controller, the patent description sticks to the basics. The controller is said to have interchangeable modules which allow its user to change positions of buttons and thumbsticks, and even replace them with other peripherals. In the case of thumbsticks, a replacement could be trackballs.

Based on the add-ons, the controller will auto-configure settings for supporting games.

The patent was filed by Valve’s Mike Ambinder, Steven Bond and Scott Dalton in 2009. You can read it here.


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