Assassin’s Creed III gets another leaked image

By on March 1, 2012

Game Informer pulls trigger early on the game’s banner.

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US magazine Game Informer had fired off an Assassin’s Creed III banner a little too early on their website today. The banner was pulled immediately but not before letting the whole of Internet on it’s trail.

The banner shows Geroge Washington hanging out with whom could be the game’s main protagonist. He appears to be pointing at a direction. The right side of the banner has text “visit the hub”, suggesting Ubisoft would be launching a central information center, either with Game Informer or separately.

The banner also raises hope for a cover story on the magazine’s next issue.

Click to unsheathe a bigger image.

Earlier in the day, Kotaku ran a promotional shot featuring the same protagonist, although much older, with an American flag providing background scenery. The series of leaks pretty much confirms the long standing rumors of the game based around the American Revolution.


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