Introducing the Tbreak Developers Conference

By on March 1, 2012

An easy gateway to industry experts.

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Have you ever fancied yourself as game developer? Or how about a mobile app developer given the multi-million dollar success stories we’ve all heard for iOS and Android apps? Wouldn’t it be great to get an idea, nay, a realistic view straight from the people within the industry on how things work? Or what if you’re already on your way to stardom and want a public avenue for your brilliant ideas to be recognized and rewarded, wouldn’t you like that?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, then the Tbreak Developers Conference is exactly what you need right now!

The Tbreak Developers Conference aims to bring industry experts from the areas of mobile development, video games development and web development in touch with University students and independent developers in the region.  The event will provide insightful information to future developers on platforms they can use while Platform providers can get in touch with the developers community and students to preach their solutions.

The Tbreak Developers Conference will be held from 14th-15th March 2012 at Dubai Knowledge Village Auditorium. Over these two days, the event is laid down like so:

You may have noticed that between all the conferences and classroom sessions, we have the Developers Choice Awards as well. Basically these awards are open for nominations for regional developers whereupon awards will be given based on nominations received by our readers. Secondly, all of the nominations will be conseidered for an additional award through a panel of judges from tbreak, Nokia, Blackberry and DIC.

So if you want your app to be considered, do nominate it for the Tbreak Developer Awards. Nominations will be open till March 10th. We have had over 500 nominations so far, so go ahead and join the competition for the best Middle Eastern app!

And for the rest of our readers who want to attend Tbreak Developers Conference, simply register now as seating for each class session is limited.


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