DOOM 4 isn’t canned, but it’s got its screenshots leaked

By on February 29, 2012

Pete Hines on defense once again.

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Bethesda PR boss Pete Hines has once again been called upon to clarify rumors pertaining to the currently under-construction DOOM 4.

Speaking to Joystiq, Hines rubbished rumors of cancellation after a 4chan user claimed that id has scrapped the project for unknown reasons. He said, “DOOM 4 isn’t cancelled. When we’re ready to talk about it and show it off, we’ll let everyone know.”

Turning up alongside the rumors were a batch of screenshots leaked from artist Thao Le’s portfolio. The screenshots appear to be from DOOM 4, what with the setting and visual styling matching that of previous id efforts. Interestingly, Hines has yet to comment on the authenticity of these images, leaving doubts pretty much splattered on the walls.

DOOM 4 has yet to be officially announced but has been confirmed to be in development for quite sometime. It also be the first title from id Software to use its Tech 5 visual engine.


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