Diablo III Beta Key Giveaway – Week II

Posted on February 28, 2012, Ends on: Mar 05, 2012

Let the carnage continue.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

Our Week I give away is done and dusted. We have successfully enlisted 20 minions to enter Hell. And now it’s time for another round.

We are giving away 20 keys this week as well, so if you missed a chance previously, here’s one more try. You can also score a key by following our Facebook and Twitter pages, so make sure you do.

To win, simply answer this question:

This competition has ended. Thank you for your interest in this competition.

The winners are:

Abdullah Albani
Antonio Maletic
Daniel Chu
haonan luo
Iassen Hadjiamin
Johannes Huizenga
Mack Nero
Mark Patricio
Mohamed ALi
Mohamed Moenaei
Mukesh Bhatia
omar ali
Omer Chauhan
Ryan Vergel
Saad I
Scott Pappali
Sidharth Prekash
Tanuj Damani
Tristan Sluijter
Vipul Vikram

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