5 Playstation Franchises We Would Love to See Brought Back

By on February 27, 2012

Nostalgia time.

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The Playstation brand has had its fair share of amazing franchises developed exclusively for it. There are however a ton of great exclusives that have been left untouched ever since the PS1 and PS2 eras. Let’s take a look at 5 franchises that we would love to see brought back.

Spyro the Dragon

Many of us probably picked up the original Spyro the Dragon along with their original Playstation. It was one of the best platforming experiences out there and had a great and colorful world to go along with it. Spyro was a huge Playstation icon back in the day but lost a lot of its flair as various spin-offs brought down the quality of the franchise. While Insomniac, the developers behind Spyro, are unlikely to visit the franchise again another one of Sony’s in house studios can still produce a brand new entry in the Spyro the Dragon franchise. Seeing Spyro come back in HD along with a ton of interesting concepts and improvements is a thought that will get a lot of gamers excited.

Crash Bandicoot

Everyone loved Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation. Even the spin-offs such as Crash Bash and Crash CTR were titles that were loved by tons of Playstation fans out there. It was one of the first games that really worked hard to enhance 3D platforming and played a part in shaping the 3D platformers of our current gen. Not only will a resurgence of the franchise be a huge boost to the Playstation brand, it is also bound to generate a lot of hype as many gamers grew up playing the series and would love to see Crash back in an HD title.

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  • JourneyMan

    How about Champions of Norath, and Champions: Return to Arms?  Both incredible rpg games with good storytelling and solid gameplay, including online co-op and fully customizable control structures made these one of my favorites from the PS2.  Would love to see them updated for this generation of system.

  • Deztroyer

    Would also love to see a new Shadows of the Colossus! The gfx were beautiful on the PS2.

  • Caymimi

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Suikoden! I wish they would make more!

  • Ash

    Syphon Filter was awesome i so hope it comes back.

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