Caesar 3

By on October 10, 1998

All Hail Caesar!!


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First Impressions
My reaction is

This game is the one which made me start playing Strategy games. It made me shout “Hail Caesar!” when I played it. Though it did not have the best graphics, or sound at that time, but it was the actual pioneer in City Building games.

Start from a small village…

In Caesar 3, you had to start building your own city from scratch. It was very pleasing to see your small village gradually turn to a bustling centre of culture, entertainment, and trade. You had to basically create houses for your people, and then, fulfill their wants and needs, which grow increasingly demanding, as they turn to the elite citizens of the society. The reward for fulfilling their needs are the higher taxes they pay, and in some cases, accomplishing your mission. Other than this, you had to start trading your goods with other roman cities, recruit armies for defending your city, and please the gods(who play quite an important part in the game). There are tons of things you could do- build reservoirs, hippodromes( a huge oval circuit hosting horse races) , a senate, and gardens, the list goes on and on.

…To a bustling city

Caesar 3 had a good learning curve, it wasn’t hard, but it was not very easy too. It was easy to be familiar with the basics, but got increasingly challenging to master the game. There were fires to put out, sick people to cure, farms to provide food to the citizens, and fulfilling Caesar’s requests, (did I mention that you would start as a citizen and work your way to the top?)which I found was just the one annoying aspect of the game

I have had a memorable time playing this game, and still haven’t found out another City Building game reaching to it’s high standards (well, except for Sim City 3000, but that just ain’t got the magic touch of Caesar 3!).

The Scorecard
The best. You just have to play it to enjoy it.
Not the best, but nonetheless very good.
Not the best, but nonetheless very good.
Real value for your money. A very innovative game.
Innovative, pioneer in City Building games.
One word-Superb.


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