Twisted Metal patch expected sometime this week

By on February 20, 2012

Patch to address network troubles during online matches.

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Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe said a patch that would address the game’s network problems will be released this week. He threw in Tuesday as the patch day, but he is not “100% fixed” on it yet.

“[Eat Sleep Play] is doing some work for a patch we hope to push Tuesday that should help out and fix network issues but no guarantee,” he said.

“Nothing concrete sadly. Lots of work happening but only real news is: team is cranking hard on it and making progress but I can’t give you a ‘this is when it will be 100% fixed’ date just yet.”

Players on Twisted Metal have been battling more than just loony characters with murderous vehicles. Online games seems to be bugged with network issues, with many experiencing disconnects mid-match, and problems with matchmaking and invite games.

The patch will also address other gameplay related issues, such has better XP dole out, customs skins looking too dark, and the inability to password protect skins.

“People have written me and said ‘I’m taking my game back’ and I’m like ‘dude, I don’t fucking blame you.’ Nobody who’s given us a dime of money deserves this,” Jaffe said in a personal video when addressing the game’s bugs.

“I stand behind saying it’s the best game I’ve ever worked on from a design standpoint and from a play standpoint. I’m extremely proud that when people do get into the game they really dig it. That’s the light at the end of the tunnel for me,” he said.


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