Five Promising Upcoming PS Vita Titles

By on February 19, 2012

When twenty launch titles are not enough.

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The PS Vita’s launch library is quite possibly the largest launch day lineup in the history of hardware launches. With over 20 titles to choose from, it seems that Sony has done a great job in providing a great amount content directly from the get go. However, as a gamer it’s important for us to know that the product we just bought or are looking to buy is going to have great content on the long run. Here is a look at 5 upcoming PS Vita titles that should definitely be on your watch list.

Final Fantasy X HD

While not much yet is known about the game itself, the fact that were are receiving an HD upgrade for a fantastic entry in the Final Fantasy series is definitely an exciting prospect. Final Fantasy X HD is not looking to be a full on remake but rather a remastered version of Final Fantasy X similar to what has been done with other HD collections such as the MGS collection and the Jack and Daxter collection. The idea of having updated HD visuals with trophy support and possible additional content not available in the original version is a dream come true for Final Fantasy lovers.

Little Big Planet

The Little Big Planet franchise gained enormous popularity on the Playstation platform and is now looking to make its way to the PS Vita. This PS Vita version of the game is not a port of previous LBP titles but a brand new one that aims to create a unique LBP experience for Sony’s new handheld. The biggest changes being introduced in this title is the use of the PS Vita’s front and back touch screen to navigate sackboy across the different levels. The combination of touch and physical controls working together is usually hard to pull off but the developers seem to have hit the correct spot with their implementation in Little Big Planet on the Vita.

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