CD Projekt making new engine for next-gen consoles

By on February 18, 2012

Studio hard at work planning the release of five new games.

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The Witcher studio CD Projekt RED has confirmed that they’re currently hard at work developing a new engine specifically made for the next-generation of consoles.

Development of two ‘AAA’ titles, of which both are planned for launch sometime in 2015, are indeed coming out for new consoles, according to the Polish team’s managing director Adam Badowski.

Badowski told Eurogamer that these unannounced games will be running on a brand new engine. He said that development of the engine, which will be powering the new games, has “already started”.

“We prepared a backlog for the new features quite a long time ago,” he added. “You probably know that we’ve decided to develop our new engine that is called Red Engine, so we’ve prepared a long-term plan for that engine. So we are yes, yes we are developing some features just for the new [engine].”

CD Projekt is supposedly clueless what will the next-gen consoles be capable of; although Badowski insists that he hopes to see “quite powerful but nothing extraordinary” specs hardware-wise, describing the assumption into what might eventually turn out to be a “lucky guess”.

Badowski went on to confirm that two ‘A’ games are planned for 2012, one due in the first quarter of the year, also one ‘AA’ title will be launched in 2013.


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