There won’t be Journey on PlayStation Vita

By on February 14, 2012

Developer says there are no plans for a PS Vita version.

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Upcoming PlayStation 3 adventure Journey will remain exclusive to the home platform and won’t come out in portable form for the PlayStation Vita, developer ThatGameCompany has confirmed.

The studio took it to Twitter and explained the reason why the PS3 title won’t make the jump to the PS Vita, saying that Sony, who owns the IP, is the one that makes a decision whether to develop a version for the new console or not.

Fans also questioned the possibility of a PS Vita version of the studio’s previous project, Flower. In reply, the developer said: “The only way we’ll go back to an old game is if we can think of something new and exciting to do with it.”

Journey for the PlayStation 3, which has been in development for nearly three years, is expected to finally release sometime this year.


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