Pineapple Smash Crew Review

By on February 12, 2012

No actual pineapples were harmed in this game.

Good: Awesome soundtrack and presentations, grenades are delightfully destructive
Bad: Somewhat repetitive after a while, no multiplayer options
Price: AED
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First Impressions
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Every once in a while a game comes my way that evokes a beautiful feeling of nostalgia. Pineapple Smash Crew is one such game, and it’s really hard to believe that this game is a one-man show. Indie games have certainly come a long way over the past few years, growing in popularity and spanning multiple platforms, and PSC shows that you don’t always need a huge games studio to churn out a little gem.

Pineapple Smash Crew sees you taking control of a squad of four marines hell bent on blowing things up. Seriously, that’s all you have to do in this game and it’s a TON of fun. There really isn’t any kind of story to be had which is a bit of a let down, but you’ll soon forgive the developer when you rush around like a mad person spraying bullets everywhere. The game employs a 3D top-down view, along with the WASD keys and mouse to control your squad and take down enemies. The squad behaves as one single unit, so when one member shoots the other shoot as well. Your primary weapon is a simple blaster, which unfortunately you can’t change or upgrade in any way. However you can pick up a variety of secondary weapons – mainly grenades – that makes the gameplay more satisfying.

The grenades come in a variety of flavors, each one being more destructive than the next. You can drop proximity grenades that explode when enemies are near, or even launch a rocket that you control with your mouse. You also get access to additional powerups such as increased damage, invincibility, and the ability to slow down time. It’s really the grenades that steal the show, as there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your enemies reduced to a pile of mush. Each squad member can carry one type of grenade, and you can cycle through them with the scroll wheel. You will need to keep a close eye on each squad member’s health – if you lose one of your squad you’ll need to dole out more firepower to take down enemies, plus you’ll lose one grenade slot.

The game touts randomly generated levels, with each level being filled with explosive canisters, plenty of enemies, and the occasional boss fight. Your missions range from clearing an area of enemies to disposing of toxic containers, but what it all boils down to is running around like a lunatic and shooting anything that comes in your way. For a couple of levels it’s fun, but after a while it begins to get a little bit repetitive.

It’s the game’s presentation and soundtrack that really get me teary-eyed though. In a gracious nod to the era of 8-bit, everything from the menu styles to the actual game shines in all its pixilated glory. The soundtrack is something that you’d want to pop into your car and break-dance to in a parking lot over the weekend – it’s that annoyingly addictive. The downside of the game is that there’s no other game modes available, though many community members have already pitched to the developer to include a multiplayer mode as well as some sort of survival mode in a future version of the game.

Pineapple Smash Crew is all about mindless fun, and on that note is does deliver this. But apart from the mindless explosions and constant running around, there isn’t much to check out in this game, which is a bit heartening as more game modes would have kept the action going. Having said that, the game is a fun little adventure that will provide a fair bit of distraction to gamers.


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