Wipeout 2048 Trophy list revealed

By on February 10, 2012

All of them 31 awards outlined.

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If you’re looking into purchasing PlayStation Vita launch title Wipeout 2048, then expect to chase down a total of 31 trophies. If you don’t care about spoilers, we have them all here outlined for you; there’s 1 Platinum, 6 Gold, 9 Silver and 15 Bronze trophies.

The futuristic racer will be the first game to release on Sony’s new handheld that allows for cross-play against users on PlayStation 3 – and of course PlayStation Vita players.


This is Wipeout – Obtain every Trophy in Wipeout 2048


2048 Champion – Complete 2048 Season
2049 Champion – Complete 2049 Season
2050 Champion – Complete 2050 Season
2048 Elite 1 – Get an Elite Pass on the C Class Time Trial on Capital Reach in 2048
2048 Elite 2 – Get an Eilte Pass on Empire Climb Zone Mode in 2048
2048 Elite 3 – Get an Elite Pass on the C Class Combat Event on Metro Park 2048
2049 Elite 1 – Get an Elite Pass on B Class Race on Unity Square in 2049
2049 Elite 2 – Get an Elite Pass on the A Class Time Trial on Metro Park in 2049
2049 Elite 3 – Get an Elite Pass on Downtown Zone Mode in 2049
2050 Elite 1 – Get an Elite Pass on Queens Mall Zone in 2050
2050 Elite 2 – Get an Elite Pass on the A Class Race on Empire Climb in 2050
2050 Elite 3 – Get an Elite Pass on the A class Race in Sol in 2050
Multiplayer Begins – Finish an Online Multiplayer Event
1 Down, 19 to Go – Complete your first Online Multiplayer Level
50 Kills – Destroy 50 Ships in Online Multiplayer


Completist – Complete all events in the Single Player Campaign
Prototype – Elite Pass all Prototype Ship Challenges
Speed Thrills – Elite Pass any A+ Class Challenge
50 MP Events – Finish 50 Online Multiplayer events
Halfway There – Complete 10 Online Multiplayer Levels
Rank 25 – Reach Rank 25
The Unlock 7 – Destroy 7 opposition ships in any Race in the Single Player campaign
2048 Speed Pads – Hit a total of 2048 Speed Pads
Perfect Pi-hana – Get a perfect lap in the Pir-hana Prototype, in the A class, Unity Square, Speed Lap


Elite Completist – Elite Pass every event in the Single Player Campaign
Multiplayer Completist – Complete all nodes in the Online Multiplayer Campaign
Rank 50 – Reach Rank 50
Beat Zico – Beat Altima, C Class, Speed Lap, Pir-hana Speed – beat 52.00 seconds
Mach 1.5 – Reach Zone 65 in any Zone Even


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