You need at least GTX 460 to run Alan Wake at 1080p

By on February 9, 2012

And that too at only 30fps.

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Here’s a bit of news for those looking to experience Alan Wake on the PC. Tech site PC Games Hardware has benchmarked Remedy’s survival shooter across a range of low to high end graphics cards, and the result is pretty obvious: you will need enough juice to run the game at its prettiest best.

As you can see, to run the game at 1080p @30fps, you will need at least a NVIDIA GTX 460 and a pretty high-end processor, to boot. The website used a top of the range i7-26000K. Even AMD HD7970, which is currently the world’s fastest GPU, seems barely able to scratch past the 60 fps mark.

Is your PC mighty enough to take on this beast of the night? Alan Wake releases on February 16th for the PC.


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