Neverwinter Nights

By on July 3, 2002

One of the best RPG to hit the market!


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First Impressions
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With the advent of games like Diablo, Spellforce, Dungeon Siege, and World of Warcraft, there has been an increase in the number of players who are choosing alternate methods of in game combat, specifically spellcraft. Although Neverwinter Nights allows you to play one of 12 different classes such as fighter, rouge, assassin etc, the spells are really where this game takes off, with their original effects (explode an enemy with one easy click!) and mesmerizing visuals.

Playing as one of a few chosen fighters, you must battle to save the city of Neverwinter from a deadly plague known as The Wailing Death. Countless side missions will help you to gain weapons and experience, as well as to further the game’s main plot. Built on the Dungeons & Dragons style of combat, this means that even though you may have a fantastically brutal sword, this is no match for an enemy with a high defense rating. This combat system may take a while to figure out, but once you’ve done the math, you will be able to find any enemy’s weak spot. As mentioned before, you can choose spellcraft as your preferred method of combat – there’s nothing more satisfying than freezing an enemy and then blowing him to bits with a meteorite.

The game has great background music to accompany the immense and free-roaming levels, and you will soon find that there is always more than one way to solve a particular game quest. You can also hire additional computer-controlled players to assist you in your quests, and as the game progresses, you will need to upgrade their skills and armor as well.

With two expansion packs already out, a level editor, countless add-on game modules, this game rocks the boat with an engaging storyline, original fighting engine, and strong visuals.

The Scorecard
An immense storyline with tons of mini quests
Looks fantastic on a good graphics card.
Some average background music, but good voiceovers.
With countless add on maps and customizable characters, this is a no brainer
The expansion packs further drive the story and give you new abilities
If you liked Diablo and Dungeon Siege, this is a game for you.


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