Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Hands-on Preview

By on February 8, 2012

We sneak in a first look at the stealthy new Ghost Recon game.

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Moving away from the run and gun formula employed by most modern shooters, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is a far more refined experience that favours stealth and strategy. It’s not revolutionary by any means, the Tom Clancy series have always stood out as strategic shooters and the squad based gameplay has been captured brilliantly in the GR:AW series. Future Soldier isn’t re-inventing the wheel, it delivers more of a Ferrari 430 to an already great GR:AW Corvette.

As the name suggests, the game is based in the future. However, not a very distant future. The developers of the game stress that they’ve tried to stay as true to reality as possible. The weapons featured in the game are already either being employed by Special Forces at the moment or are in the testing phase to be made available soon. Like most Tom Clancy games, Future Soldier is all about realism and Ubisoft have employed the services of four navy seals who’ve helped make sure the motion capture is as realistic as possible and that the game stays true to reality.

The game is set in different locales ranging from Bolivia to Peshawar. For our first look at the game, we’re going to talk about the map based in Peshawar. It was particularly interesting, as it was an urban setting. The mission starts in the middle of the city and you have a lot of civilians around. In order to mark out your enemies and differentiate them from civilians, you have to use one of the intel gadgets. You can either use a sensor grenade, which will mark out all enemies in it’s radius or use the drone to give you an aerial view of your enemies. Once your enemies are marked, you can use the magnetic view, which is a sort of X-ray mode to reveal enemies hiding behind cover.

Among the many futuristic gadgets at your disposal is optical camouflage. It’s like an invisibility cloak that you can turn on and it works when you’re moving slowly are or stationary.

A range of weapons are also at your disposal and each of them are customizable to your liking. A special “gunsmith” mode is also available for Kinect users who want to customize their weapons Minority Report-style. Those more comfortable with button mashing than waving hands and using cumbersome hand gestures can stick to their controllers while using the “gunsmith” mode.

While there’s loads of futuristic weapons to play with, the real focus of the game is the squad based combat. This is where the realism really kicks in and you get the feel of what being part of a Special Forces team is like. If you’ve played GR:AW, you’ll appreciate how much the squad management has been simplified. At a basic level, killing your enemies usually means identifying them via intel devices, using stealth and camoflauge to get into the right positon, tagging the enemies, so that your squad has them positioned in their line of sight and are ready to take them out on command, and finally initiating the kill sequence. You also have the option to get a team member to take out an opponent directly.

In addition to all this, Ubisoft gets so much right with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Character animations are realistic, levels are well detailed and the explosions can be breath taking. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases in May 2012. Watch out for a full review on MEGamers once the game is out.


Hitesh is a tech/games journalist and Business Development Manager for the Tbreak Network.

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