David Jaffe quitting Eat Sleep Play to start new studio

By on February 8, 2012

Twisted Metal creator insists he has “zero plans to make games like Farmville and Angry Birds”.

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God of War and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe confirmed his surprise exit from Eat Sleep Play, the studio he co-founded.

Jaffe said, however, that he will remain at the studio during the post-launch period of upcoming PS3-exclusive title, Twisted Metal.

Writing on Twitter, the outspoken developer posted a series of tweets explaining the reasons behind his decision to leave Eat Sleep Play, while citing the long distance between where he lives and the studio’s location as one of them. He also wants to start his own studio in San Diego.

“I’m leaving because – again – games are just getting too big to direct from 300 miles away and I miss the day-to-day of working direct with [the] team,” Jaffe said wrote on Twitter.

“I have zero plans to make games like FARMVILLE and ANGRY BIRDS,” he added. “I never said what I was doing post TM (and I’m still on TM along with ESP for the next months as we launch it and balance it in real-time and make sure it’s a perfect game and continue to support it).

“At the same time I will be opening a game studio here in San Diego because I really miss internal game development.”

Eat Sleep Play’s rebooted Twisted Metal, which has been in development for over three years, hits US shelves on February 14, next month in Europe.


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