Euro PSN users unable to access paid content

By on February 6, 2012

Sony assures a fix, but not yet available.

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A number of PSN users (or SEN users?) have found themselves unable to access their paid content. The problem was reported soon after Friday’s schedule maintenance, with some users either receiving an error code 80023102, or a message saying “No content was found”.

European users seems to be the most affected. The issue seems to be spreading to Australia and New Zealand as well.

If you are among the affected, there is a thread on the European PlayStation forum you can follow. One of the forum moderator has assured a resolution, but has yet to confirm specifics on when it will be available.

“I’m being told that the cause of the problem has been identified, but a resolution has yet to become available,” wrote moderator Yaster.

Mods have also assured users that their paid content has not been lost, or erased. They will be accessible once the issue has been resolved.


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