Do we need one device to rule them all?

By on February 5, 2012

If not, I need bigger pockets.

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Let me take a quick inventory of all the devices on my desk.

I have a laptop, iPad, Blackberry, and iPod – at any given time I’m usually carrying at least two devices if not more. I’ve tried downsizing my reliance on gadgets, but I often find that there are certain scenarios that make me favor one device over another. I prefer blogging and writing occasional articles on my iPad as well as surfing the web, while I use my laptop for photo editing, gaming, and other things I can’t get done on my iPad. Obviously I use my Blackberry for phone calls, email, and Twitter, while my iPod provides worry-free music when I go out walking or need to drown out the mall crowds.

As the years have passed, technology has been able to blur the lines between devices, so that rather than using a phone for say just phone calls, you can now take photos with it, record movies, listen to music, purchase items, surf the web, and a stack of other things.

With this amalgamation of devices, are we truly heading to the ‘one device to rule them all’? Wouldn’t it be great to have one device that I could pick up when I left the house that would let me make phone calls on the way to work, and then dock at my desk so I could write up my articles on a full sized monitor, or slide into a sleek tablet for computing on the go. Bear in mind, a quick Google search and I was looking at the KT Spider Concept, one of many multi-function devices that are looking to combine phone, laptop, tablet, and gaming device all into one portable solution.

The way I see things, there are really two schools of thought here – one school wants the all-singing all-dancing device that combines everything, while the other wants one device for each task. Would you carry your iPhone into a press conference and start taking photos with it instead of using your DSLR? Or would you rather have a state of the art camera that you can adjust every little setting down to the nanosecond of your shutter speed?

There is a point to be made somewhere in this blog post – I either need to stop carrying around so many things or just get bigger pockets. But seriously, with the way technology is soaring forward, it won’t be long before we have one true hybrid device that can adapt to any scenario and any task – the question is will you find it worth it to have everything combined into one device, or will you like me, still carry around multiple things?


A former IT & Marketing Manager turned full time Editor, Nick enjoys hurling fireballs and tinkering with the latest gadgets. Follow him on Twitter as @theregos

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  • Anonymous

    I doubt that’s possible. Unless we’re forced to buy peripherals for all our needs, we’ll never be able to get high-end quality cameras or gaming devices or a tablet in one device. A camera will always be better (more space means more tech, and whatever tech a phone uses will always be better in a camera), I don’t want an N-Gage-like iPhone (or an iPhone with a clunky game adapter), and a tablet is bigger, making it both cheaper and more feasible for more processing power under the hood (and battery, but I guess a peripheral can do that).

    What I’m trying to say is this; you could replace most your devices with one main device and a lot of peripherals, but the original product will always be better than your substitute; the added space (for better technology), along with the dedicated goal, means whatever advances a phone or a “centralized device” will have will always be outclassed by those dedicated devices.

  • Manoj Damani

    That device is already here, its called the Galaxy Note

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