Gearbox is not done with Duke yet, Duke Begins incoming

By on February 5, 2012

Taking ‘come, get some’ too seriously.

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It appears that either Gearbox is foolish, passionately unrelenting, or just huge fanboys, because, according to a new set of rumors, the developer is all set to give the Duke Nukem franchise a reboot makeover. The game is called Duke Begins.

"I'll be back". Oh wait...

Apparently, Gearbox had started work on the project even before they got their grubby hands on the Duke license. The project was cancelled mid-way due to the then on-going legal dispute and the infamous development time of Duke Nukem Forever.

When Gearbox got the license, they finished developing Duke Nukem Forever, and started work on Aliens: Colonial Marines. They are now planning to shift focus on Duke Begins after it wraps up Aliens sometime later this year.

Duke Nukem Forever was a failure but we actually liked it, to be honest. I personally wouldn’t mind a reboot – only if its as kickass as the original games were. However, Duke’s macho-ism is no longer…in flavor, or decent, or digestible. The humor level has to be matured up considerably, and we need new one liners – yup that will do the trick.


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