Blizzard gives out 100K beta keys for Diablo III

By on February 5, 2012

I bet you are checking your email right about now.

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If you were unable to get into the Diablo III beta which started in September last year, fear not, Blizzard is in a generous mood today.

The developer has sent out no less than 100,000 beta keys to North American players today. So, yes, you do need an American account to play the beta. If you are outside of USA, and have an American account, the beta key will work without problems.

And your emails shall tremble.

While you are accessing your beta, Blizzard heeds players to take pre-caution against imminent phishing attempts, and has suggested against click any links present in the beta invite email.

“Some unscrupulous individuals send out falsified emails purporting to be from Blizzard, but are in fact meant to steal your login credentials. For more information on how to identify these emails please refer to our Security site. One easy way to ensure your invite is legit is to avoid clicking on links in any invite emails you receive, and instead log in to your account and see if you have a Diablo III beta license attached. If there’s no license you can be sure the email you received was not from Blizzard.

Those who have found themselves into the beta, try and leave a little bit of feedback over here and here.


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