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By on November 12, 2006

DDR wannabe, fails miserably. Hey! That ‘rhymes’.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

I have never been a person to wander out to clubs and strut my stuff on the dance floor. I am however, comfortable with shaking my groove thang on a Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) arcade machine. That said, I have been quite a fan of the DDR series, so much so that I actually own the game and a pair of dance mats for the PS2. That however, is a review for another time. Right now we’re going to talk about Dance Factory for the PS2.

Dance Factory plays very much like DDR – a soundtrack is played, and a series of arrows appears on screen, which you have to step in time to using either a controller or a compatible dance mat. The only drawback of DDR was that most of the songs were techno or Japanese hits, which is where Dance Factory claims to stand out. The game allows you to insert any of your own audio CDs and it will generate dance moves for any track on the CD.

Sadly, the game holds nothing but empty promises. After inserting one of my audio CDs, the game generated dance steps what could best be described as a polka. Timing was off, and often the arrows appeared in such quick succession, that I actually slid off my mat. Granted that these fast moves can be done on a controller, but when you play the game with a dance mat, the moves require an extra pair of legs – say two people per dance mat? There is an option to enter dance moves on your own, but this too is awkward. All you get is a blank screen, with an arrow appearing every time you step. This could easily have been improved, so that at least you could have the right dance moves for a song. But the puzzling input scheme makes even this option fall flat on its face.

The game also has a ‘Creature’ mode, which allows you to generate Creatures based on the music on a CD. These Creatures can then do battle with each other in a two player mode. Sounds like Pokemon if you ask me. You can buy accessories for your Creature to give it abilities and strengths in combat, but that’s about it.

Graphically the game is a total dead zone. Once you start the game, it is loaded entirely into memory, since you keep swapping CDs for different tracks. Because of this, the developers haven’t included any good backgrounds or visuals, which make the game utterly boring to play, no matter how great the music may be. Gameplay is also a disappointment, as the game seems to use the same arrow speed regardless of the tempo of the song, so you’ll be doing the jitterbug to both Careless Whisper and Hey Mama.

This game is a feeble attempt to place itself next to big players such as DDR. Avoid this game like the plague – unless you want to dance like a contortionist. Or break a leg – literally.

The Scorecard
Awkward dance moves will give you sore feet.
Its call that graphics?
It really depends on the music you put in.
I couldn’t get a refund because I had opened the wrapping!
Utterly worthless game with no good points.
This game is a joke and insult to fans of the genre.


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